About Gay

A bit about me …

Make-up was the initial reason I went to Cosmetology school at the very beginning of my career. It was fortunate for me to get into Vidal Sassoon at a time when it really was “the” place to be, however it was totally about the hair and so in a way I’ve taken an indirect road to get to where I am now as an artist, educator and coach. Being an accomplished hairdresser has proven to be a blessing but my passion has always included makeup, skin care and health in general.

My background in the health and healing arts such as aromatherapy, massage, skin care and nutrition has led me to appreciate the importance of using natural products and paying attention to one’s overall health. This isn’t always easy and I try to inspire healthy lifestyle practices along with all the beauty stuff. I dabble in the Tarot too. A true California girl I am.

Hair, skin and makeup education has been a constant for me with many many courses over the years with very talented people all along the way. After Sassoon, I studied theatrical makeup at a local community college and this gave me a great foundation to build upon. My experience recently with Val Garland Mastered has been the most inspiring in relationship to learning about fashion and makeup in the editorial world. I am proud to be part of the first alumni for this amazing organization. I have also been fortunate to have quite a bit of my work published.

Of course my experience in the salon has taught me a lot about understanding and managing people and I consider myself to be a resourceful addition to any group or creative team. I enjoy working with people who are fun and have a positive attitude with at least a desire to be healthy.

A member of The Powder group since 2009, I’ve made it a habit to attend Makeup shows on a routine basis and still travel to NYC regularly for both hair skin care and makeup.

More recently my obsession with all things “healthy” in relationship to beauty and wellness has taken me into some exciting new directions.

I decided to become an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach as well as a BeautyCounter consultant.

For me beauty and health go hand in hand. I love teaching people how to transform their lives so they can have the vitality and confidence they need to express their own special gifts and talents.