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Summer Means Sunshine!

Summer Means Sunshine!

“It does not require many words to speak the truth”

-Chief Joseph Nez Perce 
(Nerburn, Native American Wisdom)



Summer is just around the corner and life gets busy with graduations, Fathers day and wedding season. Cherries and corn on the cob appear in the market and fresh fruit and veggies are abundant. There is more daylight now and the summer solstice is soon coming.  It is the time when spring is leaving and now it is time for growth, new projects, vacations and time to play.

A time for buoyant good health and well being.

If you did not manage to get a cleanse in earlier this spring it is not too late to consider one now and in fact many people wait til the weather is nicer because it is more conducive to the body for eating raw vegetables and juicing when the temperature is warmer outside. (Read my March post about cleansing here.)

It is also time to think about sun protection. I myself have had a problem with sunscreens in that my skin does not like them very much so I tend to carry a hat with me and walk on the shady side of the street as well as wear protective clothing whenever possible. The sun is a source of Vitamin D although most of us never spend enough time in the sun with little clothing and wait the necessary time before showering to get enough benefit. You may need to supplement Vitamin D.

Sunscreens: You may have heard the news recently about how some areas are banning sunscreen from the beaches because the chemicals in sunscreen are killing off the coral. And if it is killing off the coral, imagine what it is doing to us! Do we really want to slather ourselves and our children with dangerous chemicals? Of course we don’t.

As most of you know I have joined the BeautyCounter movement which has a mission to put safer products into the hands of everyone. I hope you will join me because they are putting a large portion of profits toward lobbying in Washington DC to push for safer laws to protect us in what is virtually an un-regulated industry. They just came out with some fabulous new sunscreens that are free of nano particles and all the other harmful chemicals we do not want on our skin. www.beautycounter/gaydering

If by chance you do get a sunburn… Aloe vera gel (preferably taken from the plant itself) with a drop or two of lavender essential oil will take care of it fast.

It is important to protect your eyes from sun too though especially if you have a blue or lighter eye color. Not all sunglasses are equal either so invest in a pair that has both UVA and UVB protection. There is also a thing called blue light which is the light emitted from our computers, TV’s and smart devices. For very little money you can get orange shade glasses that protect you from this blue light. LED’s emit blue light as well.

Jeesh…who knew.

Gardens and Grounding

Gardens and Grounding

“Speak to the earth and it shall teach thee.”

-Job 12:8

The garden is my favorite sanctuary and I love this month because the flowers are in bloom.

It is finally safe to plant with out fear of frost. Whether you are a seasoned gardener or not it is really fun to plant at least some herbs and watch them grow. I love to pull fresh mint, parsley, sage or whatever out of the garden for cooking and smoothies. Lettuce and spinach is super easy to grow now and makes your salad even more delicious. Its too soon for tomatoes and basil but you can begin preparing the soil for these and other veggies if you have some sun and room.

Bee balm, chamomile and lemon verbena make wonderful teas and are all calming to our nervous systems if you want to give those a try for harvesting later on.

A favorite passion of mine is to cut fresh flowers and make floral arrangements so that I have life and color to bring indoors. This brightens up the spirit big time.

Another truly wonderful practice is to ground yourself by walking on grass, sand or the earth with bare feet. Literally feel the earth beneath your feet and take a few long deep breaths. We are surrounded by electro magnetic frequencies (EMF’s) because of technology and we desperately need this regular grounding to stay healthy. Try it!

The connection to Mother Earth is so important to our well being. If gardening is not your thing then maybe walking or hiking in the woods will do it for you. Or visiting a garden or park area is in order. How about a bike ride? Spending at least some time each day outdoors is a healthy practice you might want to consider. It really makes a difference.



“Your philosophy determines whether you will go for the disciplines or continue the errors”

-Jim Rohn

Detoxing is an ongoing practice. Nowadays we are exposed to so many pollutants that it can seem overwhelming. I live in Northern California where all the fires raged last fall and experienced first hand what toxic chemical filled air is all about. Seriously we all had to wear masks before going outside and many people I know invested in air filters because it was so bad. There is also the water to worry about…I know it is a pain but putting a filter system on your kitchen sink so you can drink pure clean water that is free of chlorine and all the other chemicals is not only a good idea but can be a cost effective one too because you will never have to purchase plastic bottles of water again which do not break down and adds to our land fill problems not to mention exposes us to harmful plastic that is hormone disruptive.

Then there are all the personal care products we use that are often swimming in chemicals. The USA has a very poor record of safety standards in this area and I highly recommend visiting the site to see how what you are using rates. You will probably be very surprised. Consider switching to safer products

Our cars, new carpet or building materials can off gas with harmful chemicals and our new furniture that is covered in flame retardant can be dangerous. Then there’s mold and gas fumes….I could go on but you get the picture.

We live in a toxic world and we need to finds ways to navigate this.

What we eat truly matters more than ever.

The good news…Yes finally some good news here. People are waking up and companies are offering more and more clean, organic and safer products for us to choose and choose we must. Its time to vote with our dollars.

Become a regular at your local farmers market or join a CSA and support an organic farm.

You will feel better, look better and be better for it.

Spring Clean

Spring Clean

“It is better to prevent than to cure” -Peruvian proverb

Spring is in the air or at least the promise of it is, and it’s time to think about cleaning out the cobwebs, cupboards and closets. This time of year is a good time to clean up our digestive tract as well and consider a cleanse. Now I know you might be groaning about this idea but honestly after the holidays and the long winter have you maybe let some extra sugar and heavier meals creep into your diet? This is the perfect way to clean the slate and reset with some good new habits.

There is a cleanse for everyone and for you it may be just simply drinking more water, cutting back on caffeine and or eliminating sugar, dairy, gluten and meat for a period of time. For others who are seasoned cleansers you may embark on a specific program like arise and shine or blessed herbs. A vegetable juice cleanse for a few days to a few weeks is also easy enough to try or you may choose to fast. As I said there is a cleanse for everyone and you should get your doctor’s or health professional’s okay before you start.

It is a good idea to prepare yourself at least a week before the cleanse by cutting back on caffeine and sugar to avoid withdrawal symptoms. The first three days of any cleanse can feel pretty crappy especially if you just jump in without preparation.


  • Pick a period of time that is not super busy so you have some downtime to rest.
  • It is sometimes easier to do a cleanse with a group or with a buddy so you have support.
  • Do some research first and find the right cleanse for you. Talk with your health coach.
  • Shop ahead and make sure you have everything you will need
  • Keep a journal and write down your experiences, thoughts and track your meals/bowel activity.
  • Have a cooler with all your food/drinks handy if you are on the go.
  • Take plenty of epsom salt baths
  • Get extra sleep

Happy Cleansing!